Indian - From All PurityIn 2011 Chicago based doomy sludge lads released their fourth LP, “Guiltless”. Now in 2014, Indian are poised to spew forth their next full length “From All Purity” on Relapse Records. Formed in 2003 Indian have become giants in their style of nasty, scarring, bone crushing music, with this being their fifth full length lets see where the new material lands them.

Wow is really all I can say, just Wow! This filthy slab opens with ‘Rape’ and does nothing but assault your ears for the next 40 minutes, non- stop! It is low, its filled with angry rage and just pure evil notes, it is the blackest perfection of an opener. Dylan and Will manage to create vocals on this opener, that perfectly compliment the rage of the music, there is nothing but pure evil emotion oozing out of every note and scream. The reverb and distortion add that final chill to this track, making it the highlight of the album for me.

We move through ‘The Impetus Bleeds’ that brings more chunks of metal from all directions. Then ‘Directional’ comes up and in addition to their vocal mastery Will and Dylan lay down some purely dark and black guitar riffs on this one. Slow misery filled riffs with Ron and Bill adding the beat this is just as nasty as the riffs. Another homerun for Indian with this track, and oh those vocals. For me these vocals compare to some of the truly greats found in bands like Wolves in the Throne Room and Cobalt. Raw fucking emotion, and that is hard to find in metal these days.

What I like about ‘Rhetoric of No’ is the tempo is up a bit and could easily be “labeled” as black metal in the US sense of the word, but I really hate labels. Its best to sit back and enjoy the assault. By the time ‘Disambiguation’ rolls around, you are literally emotionally spent from the previous tracks. One sits and realizes this is the last track, there was no fillers, all brutal, and I really don’t want this to end, I want it to keep rolling.

So we started out by wondering how ‘From All Purity” would stack up against not only “Guiltless” but their other discography. It not only stands alongside “Guiltless” it far surpasses it. This is the release that will put Indian at the forefront of their peers. Best work to date, production value is out of this world, and the mixing is amazing. This is absolutely a mind blowing piece of work, the riffs are evil with just the right amount of distortion. The beat is doomy as anything and perfectly crafted. The vocals are amazing! This is truly one of the most evil masterpieces of doom to come out lately. Go get it, you won’t be disappointed.

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