Incite - Up in Hell“Up In Hell” is the third album from groove-metallers Incite. The lead vocalist Richie Cavalera is, as his name suggests, related (step-son) to the legendary Max Cavalera. Obviously this is a huge indicator as to where their influences lies as well as setting a standard to abide by.

The title track is dynamic and the 4 minutes passes by very quickly, cramming in the various technical abilities that will be explored in the next half an hour. Speed and riffing are obviously key components of groove metal, ‘WTF’ exhibits these perfectly and has a great headbanging finish.

‘Fallen’ and ‘False Flag’ continue the trend and pass by with an equally explosive nature and then ‘Rightful Spot’ opens the doors for Cancer Bats‘ ever reliable Liam Cormier to take the stage. The rest of the album after this point flows in a similar fashion but fails to add anything additional to make it stand out. With the opening tracks being the best tracks; whilst the latter half has only a few memorable riffs. In fact, there’s a degree of quality lacking when it matters most.

It may be big and heavy with the occasional swap in dynamics but the album has to be weighted on more than that. As a whole it’s a good heavy metal album, but doesn’t carry enough originality to grant the merit it desires and isn’t interesting enough to be a bold alternative to the current leaders of groove metal. That’s not saying “Up In Hell” is a bad album but Incite need an injection of fresh energy to be contending for the top places.

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