Horn Of The Rhino - Summoning DeliveranceWhen it comes to sludge some of it can be bogged down by the vocals. Of course there are bands like Crowbar and Acid Bath whose vocals are there to do more than to pummel the audience into oblivion, but for every Dax Riggs there are thousands of front man just aping the style of Eyehategod’s Mike Williams.

Spain’s Horn Of The Rhino certainly fall into that first category with the vocals on their new album “Summoning Deliverance” containing so much wobble they could be classed as a minor earthquake if played at too high a volume. Borrowing heavy from the Dax Riggs School of vocal delivery, the vocals transcend wobbling like they are an unstable jelly on the San Andreas Fault to frantic screams and barks like a pissed off Alsatian.

As for the rest of the album, “Summoning Deliverance” follows the bands tried and tested formula of inserting trash and death metal tempos into heavy slabs of sludge metal. So from time to time you will be side swiped by a slab of riffage weighing the same as a camper van whilst the tempo of the track maintains at a vicious pace. Imagine if Acid Bath decided to form a band with Bolt Thrower.

The record keeps up the bands riff per song count very high indeed, with some tracks crammed to the brim with absolutely fantastic groovy and crushing riffs. It never gets too samey though, so the barrage of riffs that the album throws at you are welcomed open armed as the constant tempo switch keeps the album feeling fresh.

Overall, “Summoning Deliverance” packs the same assault of riffs and sludge that people have come to expect from Horn Of The Rhino and is a welcome addition to the bands catalogue. The almost effortless changes between frantic trash tempos and the sludgy down tuned moments make the album a great listen for fans of either genre.

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