Hidden Amongst Us - ParallelThe second part of the Hidden Amongst Us EP binge, “Parallel,” doesn’t stretch the boundaries of the previous EP “Echo” but builds on the strengths of the first release to better showcase the band.

‘Powder’ is definitely on a separate wavelength to the previous EP. With more emphasis on the voice in the chorus, the vocalist is clearly willing to display his capabilities on a clearer stage. ‘We Are The Machine’ softens up the traditionally pounding and distorted verses (a bit) and the whole song has an added dynamic that is definitely welcome, as well as needed. It shows the bands willingness to expand their ball park without leaving it entirely.

‘Sicko’ ends it for the heaviness with ‘Comfort in Solitude’ being a charming acoustic instrumental interlaced with dissonant distorted guitar. It’s actually a great way to close the EP; ‘Sicko’  wasn’t in a realm of it’s own but ‘Comfort…’ is a total surprise and would serve as a brilliant intro to the whole band’s performance live. It definitely displays the band’s more ’emotive’ side without the need to fill out lyrics, and leaving it up the audience’s interpretation.

It would have been nice to see two totally contrasting styles in the two EPs but the change is enough to warrant dual releases. The first half being more raw whilst “Parallel” is a little more molded under modern influence. It’s a bit thicker and polished. Whilst these releases won’t set the world alight immediately there’s definitely a glimmer of hope in their eyes and deservingly so. ‘Comfort in Solitude’ shows off an emotional side to Hidden Amongst Us which definitely is an aspect many bands of this genre forget.

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