Hidden Amongst Us - Echo“Echo” is the first part of two EPs to be released by Hidden Amongst Us. Likely to be a new band to many and with the opening few seconds of “Echo“‘s ‘Disappear‘ the sound they want to craft can easily be interpreted. Seemingly a modern and not overly indulgent version of Avenged Sevenfold but taking wider inspiration from many different forms of heavy music.

‘No Escape’ expands on the possibly derogatory comparison to Avenged Sevenfold by again incorporating other heavy styles popular in the 2000s, this time however the chord structure and progressions during the chorus are more expansive. ‘In The Red’ continues the trend, obviously favoring straight up riffs with light backing as opposed to incredibly intricate fluency in between passages. One criticism is the vocals, he’s not as clear as he was in the previous tracks and feels somewhat stretched. He’s obviously got talent but the first verse doesn’t exhibit this, though it does clear up on-wards. It does end with a great guitar mind, nothing overly alluring, just a straight up classic solo.

The closer ‘Salvation’ right from the get go adds depth that initially would not have been thought of. The verse sticks to what is traditional with Hidden Amongst Us which is a little sad considering the seeming ambiguity of the introduction. It is constructed well though and is a head banger. The vocals too are given a chance for the earlier hiccup and his strength is definitely exhibited here.

On the whole the first EP of two is a good enough hard rock EP to enjoy. For four songs there’s a lot to go on and is likely the sound many young, recently turned metal heads, strive for in their sound.

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