Hazzard’s Cure – The Ugly“Dirty metal from the streets of San Francisco” is the approach Hazzard’s Cure takes, according to their Facebook page, and this three-track EP release would certainly support that claim. This is the second release from the band, whose first album release was described in some circles as, “epic blackened stoner thrash”.

The gentle, meandering opening to “Terminal Frost” very quickly develops into a maelstrom of cyclone percussion, demented guitar chords and belligerent vocal. The production is deliciously raw and organic which gives the music the ideal platform. “The Ugly” sets off on a thunderous journey from the outset, with that, by now familiar, relentless drumming and bass onslaught. Within a few minutes however, a corner is turned into what could loosely be described as more melodic and considered territory. The pace has slowed, and the guitar solos have become discernibly more melodious. Not long, however before the mood becomes more onerous. The final track, on this all too short EP, “The Amorphous Body”, appears to incorporate all the previous elements into a glorious seven minutes of heroic sounding chord progressions, boisterous drums and merciless vocal.

The short EP format here may not be the most ideal to evaluate the music of Hazzard’s Cure as there is the feeling that this music needs space and time to develop and mature. That said, the three tracks available would be of interest to devotees of a wide range of musical genres incorporating as it does Black Metal, Sludge, Stoner, Doom, “Progressive Metal” and, to some extent, Post Rock. The cover artwork by Lukas Krieg reflects exquisitely the mood of the music within, and carries out the task of drawing the potential listener in impeccably. “The Ugly” EP is another release that stimulates the listener to wonder what an overwhelming experience seeing the band perform live could be.

Hazzard’s Cure – Facebook Page