Haymaker - Let Them RotHaving recently celebrated their tenth anniversary, A389 Recordings have built a name for themselves of releasing all manner of dark and abrasive music, and this release is a perfect example of the latter. Haymaker hail from Hamilton, Ontario in Canada and the “Let Them Rot” 7” represents their first release for over almost ten years.

This is a style of music that most of us of a certain vintage will remember. The kind of music that nowadays is marginalised for the latest be-fringed offering. This is brutal, shouty, angry noise that would make fans of scene Godfathers like Sick Of It All and Agnostic Front very happy indeed. Haymaker are the type of band that blurs the line between hardcore and grindcore but to my ears its that overriding NHYC influence that just about prevails .

With the whole ep last a little over four minutes, there isn’t a lot of it to get really in depth about. The first two tracks ‘Let Them Rot’ and ‘Cheque To Cheque’ come in at just under 90 seconds, which on this release makes them quite epic, and the remaining two both come in well under a minute. This Canadian five piece are not here to mess about and about as subtle as a brick to the face.

You will figure out within seconds whether this is or isn’t your thing. If it isn’t, then nothing over the next few minutes will change your mind. For people who enjoy the fast, frantic carnage of an old school pit, then this will be right up your street.

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