Remember in 2012 when Hatebreed were first booked for Bloodstock? The amount of jeering and “intelligent” comments on message boards proclaiming “They’re Not METALLL!!!!!” was vast enough to fill a mid to large galaxy to the brim with nagging correspondents. However, after firmly removing most people’s heads with their incredible live show that year the Hardcore titans have returned to Catton Hall as returning heroes and once again deliver a set of pummelling hardcore.

Yes, the songs do have a whiff of similarity and yes the lyrics do become a little too inspirational for their own good but in the live environment there aren’t many bands that look as comfortable and in the zone as Hatebreed. Jamey Jasta again proves why he is one of the most engaging frontmen on the planet as well as providing almost too much crowd interaction. In fact, that was the main criticism of Hatebreed, they spent a lot of their time asking the crowd who would win out of either side for what felt like seventeen days. Once was great, twice was okay, but after the 300th time it was met with violent hand gestures from the people around me.

If you can’t stand them on album I doubt that a Hatebreed live show would completely change your outlook of them as a band, their meaty metallic hardcore riffs and perfectly replicated from their albums and differ in almost no recognisable way. However, despite that I don’t think there is a person alive who would watch what Hatebreed delivered at Bloodstock and not be impressed with the bands ability to hold a crowd of people in the palm of their hands for a full hour.

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Photos by Sabrina Ramdoyal