Harnes Kretzer - Petrichor“Petrichor” by Harnes Kretzer is, in my humble opinion, 39 minutes of sheer, unadulterated joy and a highlight in the already stellar canon of Fluttery Records.

Throughout “Petrichor” Kretzer moves with ease between the elegance of neo-classical, the rough-edged skitter of glitchy electronic and the haunting beauty of atmospheric ambient … Kretzer even plays the most soulful electric piano on one track – ‘Diaphonous’ – and adeptly incorporates field recordings on another, the hidden track at the end of the release (spoilers, sweetie!). It is this consistent ingenuity that I find utterly endearing … a fluid seamlessness that points to an exceptional talent … a talent that captured my attention as the listener from the off & held it through the length of the release.

On “Petrichor” no idea is over-played nor are there any unnecessary elements. Each track sits on its own and as part of the greater whole. Keys are the main instrument, predominately the piano, with a backing of glitchy, crackle-and-popping electronic ambience formed through experimentation, chance & field recordings. This makes for the most intriguing walls of sound, walls that disarm with their minimal piano yet inspire with their electronic manifestations.

What’s more, Kretzer‘s use of melody, for example on ‘Ephemeral’ or ‘Diaphanous’, is exemplary. Kretzer creates music that dances in the mind … simple melodies that swirl & dance in the listener’s mind with such elegance that it is quite impossible not to be affected in some way.

It is the combination of these elements – the melodies & the glitchy backing – that does it for me. The title track – ‘Petrichor’ – displays Kretzer‘s approach in vivid detail … a minimal melody played with such restraint on a piano, underpinned by a glitchy soundscape. These details make ‘Petrichor’ a worthy title track and focal point.

The drones of ‘Desultory’ were another highlight, a demonstration of Kretzer‘s skill in the ambient arena.

To say I enjoyed “Petrichor” by Harnes Kretzer would be an understatement. It is simply put one of the most outstanding pieces of imaginative ambient neo-classical music that I have heard in a long time, a piece that I found an utter joy. The more I listen to the piece, the more I get from it … wee snippets of sound or phrasing that make me smile.

“Petrichor” by Harnes Kretzer is a remarkable release & one I would highly recommend.

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