As a university student, and like most of my kind, I am not one for this strange time zone that most people experience call morning. Anything before three in the afternoon is considered a “no go zone” and motoring skills do not tend to appear to be functioning until at least 12.30 on a good day.

So as someone who is barely classed as living until at least the early afternoon, it baffles me how a band like Gojira can be the first band on at a festival (at a yawn worthy 11.30 a.m.) and still be as tight as a welded crab shell. Arriving onto stage looking like Metallica circa 1984 the French four-piece blast through a 45 minute set of the finest brutal technical death metal you will find, including several cuts from their phenomenal last album “L’Enfant Sauvage” as well as classics such as the ‘The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe’ (an avid description as well).

Technically precise down to the last note with Mario Duplantier proving himself to be one of the finest drummers currently in metal, managing perfectly the furious blast beats that make up the most of their songs with the scattergun approach to filling that pepper the songs. His brother Joe has also developed as a frontman, becoming the axe wielding talismanic frontman in the vein of James Hetfield who’s not afraid of interacting and whipping the crowd into frenzy.

Also props to whoever at Sonisphere decided to kick start the final day with the relaxing easy listening tones of death metal, you sir, or madam, delivered an absolute stormer. Met with a massive early morning crowd Gojira, as they always do pummelled the mass of fans and soon to be fans into frenzy and set the tone for the madness that was to come.

Gojira Setlist:
1. Explosia
2. The Axe
3. Backbone
4. The Heaviest Matter of the Universe
5. Flying Whales
6. L’Enfant Sauvage
7. Toxic Garbage Island
8. Vacuity

Gojira – Facebook Page

Sonishpere – Official Website