Gog - IronworksI don’t make it a point to seek out the lone wolf.  The ‘fuck you all and everything you stand for’ individual, who may have had an issue or two, finding someone else willing to join in on the music they really enjoy creating.  Their strength however, glows to me from the fog in the distance and I find myself drawn to them; the most abysmal, hypnotic drone out there.

Gog, aka Michael Bjella’s meat grinder blend of ambiance, experimental noise and doom has stood out in that right, snagging my ears and dragged me through the concrete jungle.  Based out of Phoenix, Arizona , Gog recorded his latest release “Ironworks,” in a blacksmith shop, dating back to the late 19th to early 20th century where his family used to work.  This helped in shaping the hash and vacant industrial landscape the record conveys, along with the machinery that still ran during the recording process.

The album starts off with ‘1870-1906.’  A flutter of Rorshach ink blots.  Gear bends to gear, smoothly cloaked in natures rancid blood. Machinery clanks and sways, sparked by saw or soldering flame, the ‘Tasks Which Destroy Body And Soul.’  Screeched in halted frame, approaching metallic tribal beats on sewer drains. My mind’s been drilled and tested. ‘God Says To Love You In Chains’ so I let them wrap them around me bare chested. Drawing black metal to the vein and letting the vocal crust peel from the walls.  ‘A Promised Eternity Fulfilled With Cancer’  allows you to soak it in.  The tufts of mould tumbling to new homes.  Soft lung seats of floral furniture. Twinkle tooth smiles of pianos teeth, swaying inner direction with aquatic apathy, surfaced by leather beads of porous memory foam in which ‘Into Her, She Carved The Word Empty.’

Released on vinyl back in 2012 and now out on CD as of September of 2013, this is definitely a must for the noise/drone fan out there.  I’d probably opt for the vinyl since it requires the full experience you can’t just have in your car on your way to work, but either way, don’t let the naysayers put you off, saying this is too un-metal coming from their label Season of Mist.  It’s not meant to be metal.  Enjoy Gog – “Ironworks” for what it is; all encompassing bleakness.

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