gog-self-titled-cover-webWelcoming others into the confines of the lone wolf pack on this record, adding their own hypnotic vocal charms and pummeling beats to the consistently brilliant Michael Bjella work, GOG. This music never ceases to amaze me, engage all my senses with his creative concepts and utility of accessible sound.  To be released July 2nd, 2014 on King Of The Monsters Records as vinyl, limited to 300 copies, GOG‘s self-titled LP is the essential release for those with too much chaos in their midst, but the desire to keep the vibe sinister.

‘The Lies, They Want To Give You Something’ continues its sonic assault, with reflection of the last album “Ironworks” when compared with ‘A Promised Eternity Fulfilled With Cancer.’  On GOG‘s “S/T” album however, Mike has transformed what was once covered in dense decay, into something even more profoundly beautiful; externalizing its evolution in colorful, cloudy layers.  Keys glide and hover to swarm with distorted flecks, molding the hives chaos through the flight of the worker bee.  Subservient in their organization of such madness, blackens clouds rain over relentless effort.  Unforeseeable balance shifts lead the decent into madness, swarming the summation in a whirlwind of droned out black metal.

As our efforts evolve, there will always be wolves who try to drag us back into the darkness.  The Leeches who suck out out blood lust and lay us out, apathetic and vacant.  The vultures who pull at our flesh and peck out our eye until our vision is lost to us.  ‘Before You Go We’d Love To Tear You Apart’ details the struggle to transform into something better despite our obstacles, with doomed out atmospherics and minimal building variants.

‘Until The Body Runs Dry’ accompanies a video montage of shots from “Super 8 Opera,” a short film by Ryanne Hodson, reworked by no_signal. Delicate, stork like, cleansing rituals pulsate, evolving in their visual presentation; perpetually spinning of zoopraxiscope panels, parallels in triadic fashion.  You travel from shore to concrete and listen as the pattern provides meaning to the electrically charged soundscape.  Sepia tones bleed through buildings and arachnids like coffee stains on manila, soil stained clothing and coco powder smears.  A gradual decline ‘Until The Body Runs Dry’ gasps it’s last breath, only to exhaust itself.

‘The First Cure’ commences lightly like the rise of eminence from an orchestral pit.  A haunting liquid language of blushing tones pushes colour forward from Francesca Marongiu’s lips and smears them across a chaos of rapid double pedal and rolling drum fills from Josh Bodnar.  The track is veiled in a sheath of black metal inspired guitar riffs and the cloudy drone of environmental sound capture, Michael Bjella has perfected.

‘First Night After Death’ closes the album in a misty wash of wandering keys, washed ashore onto a sandy bed of dreamy post-metal rhythm and distortion.  It’s composition is absolutely gorgeous and lapses your time within it to reveal a limitless space.  My opinion on GOG has not changed.  This “S/T” album is a must for 2014.  Send in those pre-orders ladies and gents.  You don’t want to miss out.

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