godflesh - decline and fallGodflesh carry on Decline & Fall” the weight of tuned down, heavy riffing. Limited vocals throughout in favour of four bass heavy, metal tracks. This is the first part of a two part EP release with the second expected to drop in October, however Decline & Fall” is good enough as an EP on it’s own.

When ‘Ringer’ begins the first noticeable thing is the persistent bass. The crunching guitars and pounding, war drums are of course prevalent but the true merits lye with the bass, with metal records limiting the bass and it being washed away to actually hear it so clear and heavy is welcome to the ears. It probably helps with Justin Broadrick utilising more than 6 sting guitars in some releases (definitely in the next EP), adding an extra thickness to the mix. The track itself is 6 minutes long but it genuinely flies by, angry and menacing it finished and moves into ‘Dogbite’ which carries with it elements of industrial that other bands likely took from Godflesh the jumping rhythm and high dissonant guitar line accompanied by grooving bass, this is a recurring and welcome theme.

It’s easy to see how influential Godflesh were on the industrial scene and how they too have taken from it themselves in this EP release. For those who aren’t fans of industrial it’s probably a decent place to start, or for those who like nu-metal but want it to be better. ‘Playing With Fire’ adds the much needed dynamics in this EP, instead of repeating the rhythm throughout, whilst the title track feels more experimental but still right at home.

It’s decent enough and for an EP with a second part the latter half will likely be more developed than this. As a standalone though it’s enjoyable for the 20 minutes it is, and carries enough weight and dimension to it that it flies by enjoyably without boring you to death. Hopefully the second part will have added some curve balls into the mix.

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