Ginger Wildheart - AlbionImagine John Lennon and Frank Zappa would still be alive and they’d decide to team up and make a record together based on thirty years worth of rock, punk, jazz, darkwave and whatnot. Chances are pretty big that it would sound something close to “Albion”, the latest record by Ginger Wildheart of The Wildhearts fame.

This album is incredibly layered, but despite this “Albion” never loses focus or direction. A great deal has to do with Ginger’s considerable songwriting abilities, but also with the man’s ability to come up with memorable, often Beatles-inspired, melody lines. Tracks like ‘Cambria’, ‘Burn This City Down’ and ‘The Beat Goes On (Caledonia)’ are striking examples of “Albion”’s versatility and sheer musical audacity.

Each song is almost like a mini symphony in its complexity and structure, but the cleverly placed hooks and choruses make sure that songs such as ‘Drive’, ‘Creepers’ and the title track never outstay their welcome. This is exactly what sets this album apart from its contemporaries.

With “Albion” Ginger Wildheart succeeds where many others have failed, namely creating an album that entices both mainstream rockers and people who are looking for more musical substance. This is the type of record one will never get tired off. Great, timeless music!

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