Championed by everyone from James Hetfield to Phil Anselmo via one time secret guest drummer Dave Grohl, the band known officially as Ghost B.C., but to everyone are simply called Ghost, are one of those rock rarities of a band who have both a cool image and cool songs.

As the Nameless Ghouls take to the stage with their instruments, the excitement in the main stage crowd begins to build even before Papa Emeritus (II) slowly strides on, ever the zombie-witch-king-scary-as-fuck-preacher and the cheers get louder still.

Opening with my favourite song, ‘Year Zero’, Papa E has everyone hooked on his every word and hand movement, while the band behind him play every note with precision, which I imagine is no easy feat when you’re dressed like some sort of cult that has Darth Vader has their deity. Never one for chit chat and with only a short set time, Papa E only really stops proceedings to greet the crowd and introduce a song or two, including the Roky Erickson cover ‘If You Have Ghosts‘, taken from their recently released covers EP of the same name.

As was Knebworth’s want that day the clouds began to dribble a little, but it didn’t seem to dampen any spirits (no pun intended), in fact the audience were rather pleased when after traditional closing number ‘Last Ritual’, we were asked to sing along and not disappoint His Evilness for ‘Monstrance Clock’. As Papa Emeritus (II) stalked the length of the stage encouraging the audience to clap more, it was easy to see all existing fans had been satisified and more than a handful of new fans had been won over.

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