Generation Graveyard - LonewolvesHere at TINAS Towers we get sent a lot of albums to cover and although we’d love to cover absolutely everything, it simply isn’t possible. However, every so often a song, a musical passage or even just a riff leaps out amongst the latest batch of releases from bands that weren’t on our particular radar at that point and begs further investigation. “Lonewolves” from London-based rockers Generation Graveyard is an example of something unexpected biting you on the arse and making you sit up and pay attention.

Fusing the best elements of Social Distortion, Misfits, Motörhead, Entombed and a dash of black metal’s dark heart, Generation Graveyard are a raging, snarling punk/metal hybrid that proudly stick a middle finger up to the slick and shiny pop-filled toss that passes for alternative rock these days and go straight for the jugular with the biting, hardcore-influenced biker rock of tracks like the opening ‘Abominate/Desolate’ which, if you are in possession of a full head of hair, will get the dandruff flying with a bulky riff that rides a deathly groove similar to what Entombed were capable of when they felt like it.

‘Human Hive’ and ‘Deletist’ bring the full-throttle punk rock fury but with a grasp of melody that makes the songs accessible, in a similar vein to “Famous Monsters”-era Misfits but with more socially aware lyrics. The title track also has a Misfits vibe with some gang-style backing vocals but the throat-shredding rasp of frontman Maximillian Graveyard edge more towards black/death metal, giving the song an added dimension.

In a world where it is evermore difficult to come up with something original, Generation Graveyard have worn their influences proudly and concentrated on writing some decent songs. Subsequent releases will hopefully see them grow into something more than the sum of those influences but, for now at least, “Lonewolves” is well worth checking out if you’re a fan of heavy, dirty rock n’ roll with some extreme metal shadings. Bring on a full album, guys.

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