There are few people out there doing what Frank Turner does and even fewer doing it well. Having moved on from his hardcore band Million Dead (although having recently started up again with Mongol Horde), Frank has carved out his niche in what is best described as Folk Rock and can regularly be seen at various festivals across the country every summer. When he took to the main stage at Sonisphere and instantly broke into ‘Photosynthesis’, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed as to how many people were watching. There was nothing wrong with the crowd he had, anyone would be happy to play to that many people at the level he has attained, but I had hoped for more to check him out.

The set was well balanced from his back catalogue and new album “Tape Deck Heart”, but it’s a roaring rendition of  “Try This at Home” that really gets the gig going as Frank follows it with what is best described as his greatest hits.

After the singalong double hitter of ‘The Road’ and ‘Long Live the Queen’, the (slightly larger now) crowd are encouraged to do some star jumps during ‘Recovery’ from the new album, before the perfect ending songs of ‘I Still Believe’ and ‘Four Simple Words’.

I knew people that day that had never seen or heard Frank Turner before this performance but left impressed and I’m sure I am not the only person who took someone along who in turn became a convert – next time the crowd will be much closer to what the man deserves.

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