Celebrity vanity projects are all the rage nowadays, it seems like any TV star or movie star can start a band and release a single, or for the truly untalented they will just marry a rock star instead.

Fozzy have been long derided as being a vanity project for their front man, professional wrestler and all around badass Chris Jericho, who is one of the more likeable guys in rock, but it doesn’t hide the fact that Fozzy can be very hit and miss, both on record and live.

They can bring a party when they want to, but sometimes they are too shallow and leave you feeling empty. This is such an occasion, having been upgraded to the main stage this year after their roaring performance in 2012 over on the second stage, I think they had a lot to prove, especially seeing how stacked Saturday at Download was this year, and for the most part I think they killed the vibe a little bit.

Opening with two brand new tracks, ‘Do You Wanna Start a War?’ And ‘Lights Go Out’ both of which are so drenched in effects and backing tapes that I’m not even convinced the band was playing half of it live. This isn’t exactly the best of starts, and it doesn’t really pick up from there, if I’m honest.

Fozzy have all the enthusiasm and best will in the world, the want to put on a great show is there and there is no doubt, as I said before, that Chris Jericho is a great front man. It’s just that today they get lost in the shuffle and overshadowed by a far greater bunch of bands, and in comparison it all comes off a little too “X Factor” for my liking.

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Photo credit: Gobinder Jhitta