My Favourite Runner Up - CrossroadsWell this was a very pleasant surprise. “Crossroads” the debut album by Welsh rockers My Favourite Runner Up is a very strong effort from the five piece, considering its strong songs and overall up tempo nature.

The first track ‘Light a Fire’ has a real Jimmy Eat World type swagger to it as well as a great chorus at the heart of the song. It sets the album off to great promise which the album thoroughly delivers on.

The next track and main single ‘Poison’ is a blast of everything that is great about pop punk, it’s catchy, melodic and will certainly be stuck in your head for days to come. This track is where the Fall Out Boy influence can be heard, especially in the vocals and the structure of the vocal lines.

It’s in the vocals where the album truly shines, lead singer Christian Evans’ voice fills each track with a catchy yet distinct vocal line that will retain running around your head for days to come.

Nowhere is that clearer than on the albums final track ‘Home,’ even with its themes of looking back in retrospect as well as belonging the track is taken to the next level by the vocals, helped massively by some colossal uses of “woahs”.

Overall, for a debut release “Crossroads” is rather brilliant. The songs are well crafted and stand out from one another as well as having distinct and memorable vocal lines. If you’re a fan of pop punk then this album is certainly for you.

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