Falling Red - Empire Of The DamnedI have to preface this review by saying i’m not a massive 80’s rock fan, there are a few bands like early Guns N’ Roses and Skid Row that I think are rather good but if I was presented the choice between listening to the greatest hits of Poison or running across Europe I would have my trainers on faster than you could say hair spray.

So, going into this review I knew that Falling Red would not be my cup of tea to say the least, but at the same time I realised to some people these maybe right up their street, quite a few by the looks of all the glowing positive reviews doing the rounds.

The album “Empire of the Damned” is pretty much your standard Guns N’ Roses clone album with a few metal moments thrown in there. Lots of songs about getting drunk, high and how being Rock n Roll is so cool. If you haven’t heard this before please point me in the direction of the cave you’ve been spending the past 30 years living in.

The album is insanely polished and well produced but it struggles from the lack of quality in terms of song writing, the tracks don’t really touch any new ground that wasn’t truly tread by “Appetite For Destruction”. The best moments on the album are when there is a 4/4 stomp in the tempo, especially on the album’s title track.

To be honest this type of music does very little for me and you may think this is so much better than I think it is. So if you’re a fan of Heavens Basement, Black Veil Brides or classic 80’s bands like Skid Row and Guns N’ Roses check out the video below. You may enjoy it.

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