Fall Out Boy are the band everybody loves to hate. You could literally hear the trolls melting under their bridges (parents’ basements) when they were announced for Download, which in hindsight is absolutely hilarious given the size of the audience they pulled on the Saturday night! I think the appearance of Fall Out Boy at Download has been a long time coming, usually seen as a Reading & Leeds band, it’s been inevitable for some time they would find their way to Donington eventually and I’m really glad they did.

Fall Out Boy have a setlist tailored for a festival crowd, especially on a sunny Saturday evening. The newer songs from recent album “Save Rock and Roll’ show the natural evolution of the band over the years, but it’s really the classics we are here for and we get them in spades. ‘Dance, Dance’, ‘Sugar we’re going down’ and ‘This ain’t a scene’ all go down an absolute storm. Front man Patrick Stump appears have undergone some kind of transformation during the bands absence and is now oozing charisma and sass and he struts around the stage and engages with the masses. A far cry from the awkward Booper from Fraggle Rock looking figure of old.

The biggest surprise of Fall Out Boy‘s set is the reception they are met with, a huge crowd with everyone is singing at the top of their lungs… A very distant proposition from the venom directed towards them at the time surrounding their announcement, proving just how good a band they are. They came, they saw and they kicked ass. Job done!

Download Festival – Official Website

Photo credit: Andrew Whitton