Eskimo Callboy - We Are The MessThere have been a slew of bands over the last few years that have come along with a frat boy approach to metal and rock, with their songs about sex, drugs, and having a good time, albeit most of them doing so in some kind of gangsta fashion, using bro speak and basically acting as though they were god’s gift. Bands like Hollywood Undead, Brokencyde, Blood On the Dance Floor and others have swaggered in and thrown down the gauntlet with their misogynistic lyrics, and apparent bad boy ways. Well it looks like there are some new kids on the block in the form of Eskimo Callboy.

For the uninitiated, Eskimo Callboy hail from Germany, they love day-glo, dubstep, and apparently they are also quite fond of drugs, alcohol and sex. They essentially make music for teenage boys who have just discovered what their penises are for, admittedly there are plenty of bands that do this, a prime example being Steel Panther, but the difference is that Steel Panther do it with tongue planted firmly in cheek and with a sense of fun that its kind of hard to be offended by what they are doing or saying.

Eskimo Callboy shot to consciousness with their first album which featured a song ‘Is Anyone Up’ about revenge porn pioneer Hunter Moore and his exploits. The rest of the album featuring tracks that could sountrack 90’s movies Body Shots and the American Pie series. Things haven’t changed on newer album “We Are The Mess” and while the purile lyrical tone has been turned down and the riffage turned up, this is still a band that is limited in both talent and creativity trying to get by on secondhand riffs and the novelty of talking about boobs and vaginas. It all smacks of little boys giggiling around a porno mag, and it gets old really quickly.

On the surface it seems a bit like picking on a kid in a wheelchair by taking shots at Eskimo Callboy but they don’t make it easy for themselves. Yes, people will say its all a bit of fun and its not to be taken seriously and that may be the case, but when something that is supposed to be fun becomes a chore to get through, then maybe the juice just isn’t worth the squeeze.

One can only hope that Eskimo Callboy either grow up and change or become as disposable and forgettable as the drugs and one night stands they sing about. I think, as it stands, it’s too much to ask for for the former, so we are all left waiting for the latter to happen. With that said, and despite my somewhat scornful criticism, Eskimo Callboy will no doubt find a niche in the market and go on to be mildly successful regardless.

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