Although featuring long time Entombed vocalist Lars Goren Petrov, as well as the last active line up of the band minus founding guitarist Alex Hellid it is strange to see a band like Entombed A.D. on so early this festival. For a band who at one stage were battling to become one of metals brightest and most prominent bands around the time of “Wolverine Blues” and “Clandestine” to now be playing under another name as the second band on a festival is pretty disheartening.

Despite this once Entombed A.D. kick into gear they played a solid set which only featured one or two tracks from their new album “Back To The Front.” The remainder of the set was made up of choice cuts from earlier albums, including a stunning rendition of ‘Living Dead’ from the “Clandestine” album.

Though the band were pretty tight and delivered a concise and detailed set, which dived straight into the bands legendary history, I could not shift a thought from my mind that was this the real Entombed or not? In terms of sound, they have nailed the trade mark Death N Roll sound that made the band so infamous. However, the stage presence of the band was that of a covers band who happened to be joined by the lead singer of the actual band.

In saying this, Entombed A.D. did put on a solid show and certainly gave the die hard fans exactly what they wanted. Despite some problems in stage presence I can certainly see them becoming an improved band over the next few years of touring.

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Photos by Sabrina Ramdoyal