Enabler - la fin absolue du mondeEnabler is a trio out of Ohio, and “La Fin Absolue Du Monde” is their newest release. What struck me most about the release was the title. It took me a few minutes to place where I heard that phrase from, and then it hit me, John Carpenter. The horror master did a couple of short films for the cable TV series called Masters of Horror and this particular phrase comes from his short called Cigarette Burns. It stars Norman Reedus, as a film collector, paid to track down the film of the album title. The hook, it is rumoured that whoever sees the film goes crazy and is overcome with violence. For all you horror fans this also stars the great Udo Kier and this short is true Carpenter and well worth the watch.

So metal and horror, in particular John Carpenter, count me in. Enabler have assembled 14 tracks of crushing music, the longest weighs in at just under 6 minutes. When I see short songs in the two minute range my immediate thought goes to hardcore/punk style. I guess thats here in a lot of elements but there is more. They seem to borrow and take from many styles, I could have sworn i even heard some chugs reminiscent of Unearth in a few places. Nothing gets me more excited than good music put forth in an unpredictable manner. There is nothing predictable about this release, except for its bone crunching delivery.

Their shortest track, ‘Prey’, just over a minute is certainly what I would expect from a punk track. Fast and furious, quick and to the point. That track is followed by ‘Sickened by the Wake’, done at much slower pace but no less effective in delivery. Sickened delivers something that I personally do not associate with a punk or hardcore act, brutal, yes, but its almost more melodic. Its this very unpredictability that I really enjoyed.

‘Felony’ their longest track, kicks off on almost a doom metal type of vibe, the guitars really reach out and catch you. It has some really nice technical elements as well. As it tempos up you get a real thrash vibe with this track. This one follows with ‘Linear Existence’, and the guitars really give a great thrash vibe on this one. This is not to say that the bass and drums are lacking. The drums are ever present and weave in and out of elements of metal with ease. The bass is there backing everything, background maybe, but not less important than anyone else.

Enabler’s, “La Fin Absolue De Monde”, may be inspired by my favorite director but they also deliver the goods. 14 tracks of blinding metal, well executed, mix and mastered to perfection. If its variety within in a release you seek, look no futher. This trio again goes to show what three musicians can accomplish when they set their mind to. Be prepared to be pummeled and that beat down is delivered courtesy of Enabler.

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