Employed To Serve - Change Nothing Regret EverythingThe third EP from one of the most loved UK post-hardcore bands out there, Employed To Serve, yet again show why these guys are attracting quite the following on their recent tours. Heading out again in June with Failure To Follow and Artemis, this bands aggressive unrelenting style in the vein of Converge, Rolo Tomassi, The Dillinger Escape Plan  is deservedly getting them noticed.

Out on Holy Roar Records, “Change Nothing Regret Everything” feels a much evolved, confident representation of who the band are now. With the addition of other members the band has comfortably grown without losing that initial spark that first grabbed you by the ears and violently assaulted them for your attention.

A raw, pure, untampered sound to the recording ensures there is no dilution of the excruciatingly intense vocals of front woman Justine Jones. Speeding along at such a riotous, frenzied pace with no reprieve the EP is over before you can ascertain quite what you just heard. The auditory onslaught that is “Change Nothing Regret Everything” really is not for the faint hearted, though the melodic riffs of ‘No Ones Child’ truly are a treat there is no chance to make false assumptions here…Employed To Serve are out to ferociously tear your face off.

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