Emmure are one of the more controversial bands to come out in recent memory. I think that is largely down to having an outspoken frontman in Frankie Palmeri, coupled with a zero fucks attitude.

Aside from that, they happen to be a rad live band as well. Upgraded this year from the Pepsi Max stage where they played in 2012 to the bigger Zippo Encore second stage, the band hits the floor running. Opening with an abrasive and vicious ‘Bring a Gun to School’ (or untitled as it’s known on the album). Emmure sound hungry and like they want to tear everyone’s head off. Instead they settle for tearing the place apart, the crowd for their part also seems like they are up for it and throw themselves into a twisted, jumping mass of bodies the second the band hits the stage.

Say what you want about Emmure, and most people usually do, but when they are on form they hit the mark and they hit it hard, and today they barely step a foot wrong. They pick a setlist that was designed to ignite mosh pits and get the lungs working, but they also put the work in on stage as well, proving that years of touring has paid dividends. They can more than hold their own with any band on any given day.

As a self confessed Emmure fan, I’d go as far as to say this may be the best I’ve ever seen them. Emmure usually work best when their back is against the wall and today they definitely came out all guns blazing.

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Photo credit: Danny North