El Drugstore - Plague ShipSomething as awesome as El Drugstore just had to come from New Jersey. Make no mistake, El Drugstore’s first full length offering, “Plague Ship” is awesome. El Drugstore is made up of Kevin Conway on guitar, Seth Rheam on drums, and Rolando Alvarado on bass. Together, this trio creates a jaw dropping array of aural perception. “Plague Ship” was released on Nefarious Industries on New Year’s Eve 2013. Fitting, as a night of debauchery and partying is the prime time for listening to an album of this disposition.

“Plague Ship” opens with a wicked groovy ‘Tell Them I Said Something’. It’s a frenetic composition full of jazz and fusion riffs. The great thing about “Plague Ship” is that one composition effortless flows into the other. But, each song retains its individuality. ‘Hipster Tits’ is awash with 1970s progressive rock. While ‘Enthusiastic Corruption of the Public Good’ is a mixture of Primus and Mars Volta. The level of musicianship within El Drugstore is mindboggling. Conway, Rheam, and Alvarado aren’t just playing to be playing. Each note is lovingly crafted. Each bar has a purpose. What Kandinsky did with colour and lines, El Drugstore does with music. To wit, much of “Plague Ship” is a Kandinsky painting come to life.

‘The Natives are Getting Useless’ has some mind blowing riffage happening. It’s a throw-back song; one that’ll have you reaching for the bell bottoms and Afro-pick for the massive fro you should sport whilst listening to this song. It alternates between heavy bass laden jamming and bouncing off the wall guitar playing. “Plague Ship” goes on to sport such busty titles as ‘Fascinating Underpants’, ‘By What Ill-Begotten Means Have You Procured This Meat?’, ‘Tokyo Assault’, ‘Wheel of Sadness’, ‘Pandemonium in the Bronx’, and ‘Steakback’. With titles like these, El Drugstore’s “Plague Ship” is guaranteed to be a strange and heady trip. It is definitely worth checking out.

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