Dune - ProgenitorDune is a four piece group out of Edinburgh, UK with a self described unhealthy addition to science fiction novels and films. Apart from being another ace recommendation from my friend Sander, that unhealthy addiction thing had me intrigued. I myself have an unhealthy addition to horror fiction and movies, so I know where they are coming from. One look at the artwork for Dune’s “Progenitor” EP and you can immediately see that science fiction thing. Does the recommendation and love of movies and books translate into a good release?

Translate into good, no, translate into great, yes please and thank you! They have managed to create a spacy bone crunching EP release. Their love of science fiction is everywhere on this release as is there love of metal and music. Musically there is a lot to digest here, Dune seems to bring pieces and parts from many genres. To me the stand out is there more progressive sound they achieve in representing their interpretation of space and time. Then there is the way that these lads marry the progressive outer space style with pure bone crunching metal, the sort of thing you can just head bang into infinity to. It just makes for a great EP.

‘Gravity Signal’ as you might expect is a space sounding samples intro giving way to ‘Protostar’ (I told you that science fiction stuff was everywhere here) which is just straight up in your face metal, a great opener and introduction of Dune. Its one of my favorites of the piece, great riffs, hellatious beat, and well delivered screams!

One of the best examples of blending hard driving metal with more progressive elements is ‘When Planets Die’, they take us through the paces on this one. Solid song, great riffs, hard beat lines, nice weaving in of more progressive notes. A wonderful package of a track. If this is their EP I cant wait to see what’s in store for us on a full length.

This is definitely well worth a listen, and hey if Sander recommends it give it a go, he has not steered me wrong yet. I have the impression that live these lads totally lay waste to venues. This is an immense sound on media, but live this stuff must destroy the place. Great slice of metal, well mixed and produced, go get it and headband into the great unknown.

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