Dune-Aurora-Majesty-FrontYou ever have one of those albums where so much is going on it takes multiple listens to uncover what they have to offer, and, you still know there is more. The new EP from UK’s own Dune, “Aurora Majesty”, is just one of those type of albums. This is the follow up to their first EP, “Progenitor“, and what a follow up it is. I really liked “Progenitor” and I like this one even more. With only two tracks on this EP, weighing in around 13 minutes total, the band has taken their music to a whole new level.

The opener, ‘Into the Travellers’ Halls’, starts on an air of sludge but quickly gives way to this progressive organization coalescing into an amazing piece of music. There are no standouts in terms of instruments, they are all so blended in their parts. The bass and guitars are so complimentary its almost eerie. Where the hell did Dudley on the drums come from, his percussion skills are amazing, the flavor and depth they add are reminiscent of the greats that have come before him. The vocals are expertly delivered in the vein of Nathan Weaver off of the “Celestial Lineage” era.

The second track, ‘Of Blade and Carapace’, follows the same musical blueprint as the first track. Meaning it does not sound the same but the recipe for greatness has been re-purposed and presented again. When Matthias Jabs steps forward and plays a solo, it is in the forefront and on center stage, when Dan and Victor do it on this track, its subtle, it never drives the song, it lingers in the background like Michael, waiting for the kill. And like the kill, before you know it is there and has overtaken you. Unlike the kill you are left with the thoughts “where did that come from” but secretly wishing it stays for a long time.

In short this is the best work so far in this young bands life. Dune has two EPs out and now we need a full length release. This is multi-dimensional progressive metal at its best. Dune have gathered and presented so many elements and nuances of metal as whole you just wish the tracks would go longer. In the end when you want more, and that is the epitome of compliments you can give to an artist. Thanks for this lads now get to work on that full length album.

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