Dripback - Failed FuturesAfter the very impressive ‘Hailing The Ashes’ EP, Dripback set about making a name for themselves with live shows as uncompromising as their music. On “Failed Futures”, the band gone for the jugular and released one of the most vicious albums you will hear in 2014. From the now familiar refrain of “COME ON YOU CUNTS”, Dripback hits you like a brick to the teeth from the first second to the last. The promise that was shown on that debut EP has been matched and even surpassed in parts on this effort.

Not content with just being purely angry, the band take the chance to spread their wings a little and show the many different levels of brutality they bring to the table. ‘Rest With The Dead’ has a classic 90’s death metal feel to it, and  ‘We Precede The End’ which features a monstrous breakdown, are prime examples of the influences and sounds the band have managed to meld together. Other avenues are found searching through the remainder of the album. The instrumental title track has a strong feel of ‘Burn My Eyes’ era Machine Head, and just like the Oakland quartets debut back in 1994, this is a hell of an album to move on from in the future.

While some of the later tracks on “Failed Futures” may not have the immediacy of the earlier part of the album, they are definite growers and proof that the band are far from a one trick pony. ‘Cessation Of Suffering’ and ‘Profit Driven War’ (the track chosen for the lead lyric video prior to release) are massive tunes that could and should get the band some serious airplay. The British metal scene has been crying out for a band like this and now, finally, we have them.

Dripback have managed to make an album which, while not exactly ground breaking or innovative, it is full of enough ideas and menace to make this one of the first must haves of the year. Anyone with an interest in hardcore, grindcore or just about anything in between will find plenty on here to get excited about.  Knowing that the band features former members of Labrat, Ted Maul & Pure Negative, it is no surprise that they manage to have created such an intimidating mix of brooding menace and anger. The band are shortly to undertake a well deserved UK run with Crowbar over the next few weeks. You need to see this band live, and before you do, pick the album so you have an idea when to get in / get out of the way of the pit (delete as applicable).

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