Dreamfire - Atlantean Symphony“Atlantean Symphony” was a long time in the making. In fact, it took Dreamfire (composer Osirion) the best part of 11 years to complete. Originally released in 2012, this is a re-release with 2 bonus tracks. The accompanying press release describes it as a “symphonic musical project to explore ancient mysteries, magic, legend and majestic themes.”

It’s certainly a beautiful piece of work, an immersive musical experience that uses a grand orchestral sweep underpinned by a melancholy that is at times hypnotic. It could be the soundtrack to a film or even the score to a ballet; or simply a multi-part album in which the listener can thoroughly lose themselves.

For a self released work production quality of music and packaging is excellent, with the antique-like case providing a conceptual link to the musical themes therein.

If you’re familiar with the work of Vangelis, particularly his film scores for Blade Runner and Dune, you will sense an influence here. The music has a spiritual, at times almost numinous aspect to it, being at once stirring and calming, engaging and comforting. A piece like ‘An Epitaph Engraved In Water’ is as personal as the album gets, its clear and haunting melody almost a view into the soul of the composer. In fact, I wonder if it’s that personal quality that drives Osirion to write and release music under a nom de plume.

This is an instrumental album whose sparing use of voices is the choral tradition, adding texture and depth to ‘Into The Temple Of The Elements’ and ‘A Timeless Lamentation Carried Upon The Storm’. It’s also imbued with a sense of wonder, as ‘(Immersion Into) The Azure Mirror Of Infinity’ evokes something of a magical experience, its melody opening a portal to something very much bigger (or perhaps much smaller).

Ultimately the listener can interpret the music using whatever imagery he or she chooses; or indeed allow the music to inspire its own imagery in the mind of the listener. Each person will take something different from Dreamfire‘s “Atlantean Symphony”. What is certain is that its beauty provokes an emotional reaction, and that’s what really good music should be doing. This is clearly a real labour of love, and one cannot help but be moved by it as an engaging, affecting musical and emotional experience.

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