Die Apocalyptischen Reiter - Tief_TieferIt took German experimental metal outfit Die Apocalyptischen Reiter three years to come up with a follow-up record to “Moral & Wahnsinn” from 2011. They spend their time well, because they came up with enough material to fill two records. Because the music is thematically linked, the band decided to release the whole package as a double record, entitled “Tief/Tiefer”..

The new double record isn’t for the faint hearted, just because of the sheer amount of musical information one has to go through. Both records are entirely sung in German, so that might be something of a barrier as well for some people. However, from a pure musical point of view “Tief/Tiefer” is a treasure in the broadest sense of the word for anyone with a penchant for forward thinking and adventurous rock and metal.

“Tief” is the heavy bastard of the two and it revolves mainly around well-written metal songs with lots of different influences from electro, industrial and even a little bit of dubstep. That might be quite a hurdle for some, but it works really well. To some extent later day Rammstein is a good reference to tracks like ‘Wir’, ‘Wo Es Dich Gibt’ and ‘Es Wird Nacht’. However, Die Apocalyptischen Reiter are way more inventive and cutting edge than Till Lindemann and Co ever were.

The true gem is “Tiefer”, which is more of a rock/folk orientated record and this is where Die Apocalyptischen Reiter truly dare to show their colors. It doesn’t matter whether its folk (‘Auf Der Liebe’, ‘Terra Nola’) or straightforward rock (‘So Fern’, ‘Der Weg’) the tracks are full of nifty little ideas and details which made this double record such an infinitely rich listening experience.

“Tief/Tiefer” by Die Apocalyptischen Reiter is just one of those gifts that keep on giving. When you’re into forward thinking and innovate rock/metal and you’re not afraid to cross a language barrier or two, this is the album for you. Recommended!

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