Diamond Gloss - NomawkishFluttery Records are on fire, there is no doubt about that, and “Nomawkish” by Diamond Gloss aka multi-instrumentalist Gonçalo Pereira will keep this fire burning.

“Nomawkish” is simply divine… a glimpse of Heaven on Earth that I cannot get enough of. It is an uplifting, enthralling, euphoric expression of ambient neo-classicism that provides an escape from the mundane pressures of the here & now.

From the lilting strings & recurring piano les motif of the opening track – ’Santa-Clara’ – to the deliciously Hans Zimmer-esque piano-driven melody of the title track – ’Nomawkish’ – Diamond Gloss have me in their grasp. I found this album to be an utter delight, one that uplifts my spirit & encourages me to carry on.

I am reminded of the magic of Craig Armstrong when I listen to ’Upright Piano’, a downbeat piano track with flashes of sound that opens up around the 2 minute mark with a wall of synths & strings. It is unerringly beautiful, a moment of grace that radiates profound elegance.

The use of a field recording of rain at the start of the third track – ’Chicago’ – is equally beautiful, especially when the repetitive refrain of a music box adds some colour to the soundscape as it mimics the sound of falling rain. The track builds with drones in the background to flesh it out and add subtle harmony to the music box’s refrain. The resulting soundscape is remarkable and deeply immersive.

My only criticism of this album is that a couple of tracks go on longer than maybe they should … they’ve conveyed their idea & listeners have had sufficient time to bathe in their brilliance, now it’s time to move on. That, however, is a minor criticism and one easily overlooked.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed “Nomawkish” by Diamond Gloss and congratulate Fluttery Records for another sterling release.

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