Diablo Blvd - Follow The DeadlightsA new label, band members who are now fully committed to bring Diablo Blvd
to the next level and a new album that might be this Flemish outfit best release to date according to the accompanying press release. Let’s see whether “Follow The Deadlights” lives up to its reputation..

After a couple of spins one can only conclude that “Follow The Deadlights” is Diablo Blvd’s most accomplished and diverse musical offering so far. The band’s trademark blend of heavy rock (Down/Corrosion Of Conformity), heavy metal (Metallica) and rock n’ roll (Danzig/The Cult) is more refined than ever before, which culminates in very memorable compositions like ‘Beyond The Veil’, ‘Get Up 9’ and ‘We Are Legion’. Especially vocalist (and stand-up comedian) Alex Agnew, who shines on ‘Son Of Cain’ and the title track. Particularly on the latter he gives Ian Astbury and Glenn Danzig a run for their money.

Production-wise Diablo Blvd went the extra mile. The band produced the album themselves, but for the mixing and mastering duties they enlisted the services of Jay Ruston and Paul Logus respectively. This duo worked with luminaries like Steel Panther, Stone Sour, Anthrax and Meatlove before. They really gave “Follow The Deadlights” the type of sound that can rival with the likes of Volbeat and The Cult.

“Fellow The Deadlights” by Diablo Blvd harbours all the trademarks of a great album in spades. The band sounds like a tight unit and the songs have all the hooks and choruses to die for. This combined with a great sound make sure that Diablo Blvd will take the world by storm. Heartily recommended!

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