Delain - The Human ContracdictionA couple of years ago Delain was groomed to become the next Within Temptation. That was until Roadrunner Records was swallowed whole by Warner Music and the band was suddenly without a record label. Luckily they found a new label and Delain is back with a vengeance on their second album for Napalm Records, entitled “The Human Contradiction”.

Delain always managed to find the middle ground between Within Temptation’s more poppy leanings and Epica’s harsher symphonic metal assault. “The Human Contradiction” is the band’s heaviest and darkest release to date, which is nicely accentuated by George Oosthoek’s (ex Orphanage) trademark grunts in ‘Tell Me, Mechanist’ and Marco Hietala’s (Nightwish) vocal contributions on ‘Your Body Is A Battleground’ and ‘Sing To Me’. Former The Agonist and current Arch Enemy singer Alissa White-Gluz added some guest vocals on ‘The Tragedy Of The Commons’.

The aforementioned tracks are the strongest tracks on “The Human Contradiction”, however ‘Here Come The Vultures’ and ‘Army Of Dolls’ are potent enough to stand on their own without the aid of any guest singer. One Has to give the writing team behind Delain, keyboardist Martijn Westerholt, vocalist Charlotte Wessels and former Orphanage guitarist Guus Eijkens, credit for their considerable songwriting skills. They really have a knack for memorable hooks and catchy melody lines. While Charlotte Wessels may not be a powerhouse vocalist like her female counterparts in Nightwish and Epica, she’s still able to hold her ground and it’s basically her vocal style that gives Delain its own charm and colour.

“The Human Contradiction” sees Delain further cementing their own position within the symphonic metal field. It contains all the elements people know and love about the band. A confident and solid release from these symphonic Dutchmen (and girl).

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