Definitely A First - ColorblindNewly signed to Imminence Records pop punk/post hardcore outfit Definitely A First re-release their debut album “Colorblind” as a deluxe edition with the addition of three bonus tracks. The recently released performance based video for title track ‘Colorblind’ leaves viewers in no doubt about the amount of energy that Definitely A First put into playing this upbeat combo of melodic bouncy pop punk and dark hardcore breakdowns.

As an introduction to the band, choosing ‘Colorblind for the video gives a fair overall first impression and is a catchy memorable number however there are a few tracks that stand out far more on the album itself. A fast paced, packed album of thirteen tracks in all, it begins as it means to go on in a very lively, accessible, sing along, pop punk fashion which in itself is portrayed very well. It is sadly the mix of genres that often leads to a repetitive feel in the composition, without much to differentiate between the individual tracks, there is only so many times you can trek down the well trodden road of poppy clean melodic vocals giving way to post hardcore style gruff screams with a well timed breakdown and bouncing back into pop punk again before it all feels a bit samey and your attention wanders.

That being said, the times in which Definitely A First chop and change it up a bit is where they show in their creativity what they are really capable of. ‘Are We There Yet?’ is a wonderful example of this, still maintaining the same core elements yet letting the more aggressive vocals shine through gives a little, much needed, new lease of life between some of the more formulaic feeling tracks. ‘Daydreamer’ featuring Michael Pitt is a more complex song, really benefiting from the added diversity in the range of vocals. For some it may seem quite a vocal heavy track but the emphasis on them is warranted as they just fit so beautifully well together. Acoustic ‘Memories Of Me’ is entirely different from the rest of the album, highlighting their melodic pop punk side well though it feels it would stand alone happier as a one off clean song without the distracting screams.

The three final songs on “Colorblind” are demos from last year and can be heard on their 2013 EP “For All We Know”, giving an insight into where Definitely A First have come from and how they have evolved. ‘Under The Hood’ is a much much heavier sound indeed, it is clear they have kept the speed and intensity from this time, however this is a completely darker being altogether and its pretty damn good!

Whilst I must admit to being more interested in the heavier parts of the album, for the most of it Definitely A First seem to be moving away from that sound. Hearing the evolution already having taken place over the last year up to this release and with their recent signing I’m sure the band will continue to grow both in popularity and creatively as time goes on.

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