Dead In The Dirt - The Blind HoleBeen truly spoiled with some fucking rippers this year on the release front of things, but amongst all these excellent releases there is always something that truly grabs hold of you. Well in my opinion anyway. Enter Dead In The Dirt the Atlanta based Vegan Straight Edge Grindcore brigade. After their first EP “Vold,” which was self-released they were signed by Southern Lord Records that was followed with the release of “Fear.” This past year they released their first full-length titled “The Blind Hole” and it fucking crushes!

It has speed, precision and malicious intent from the very get-go. Short tracks, as is the grindcore style, yet powerful. There is a definite variation in tempo, which means it’s not all over the place with regards to being just another speedy noisecore mess. The record consists structured tracks and they’ve definitely nailed it from a song-writing point of view.

Most grindcore bands get stuck in that pragmatic approach, which makes for a one-dimensional release in most cases. This, however, is not the case with “The Blind Hole.” It’s a brilliant record and a true showcase of the musicians themselves. It’s so fucking angry, yet so incredibly tight and on the dime. It’s non-stop obliteration to a sick rhythm every now and then, which really gives it that unpredictability and edge.

To put it bluntly, this is definitely one of my records of the year and I even managed to grab myself a copy from Southern Lord with a t-shirt. They seem to have a knack for signing incredible acts. This being said, the music has not lost that D.I.Y. feel that was embodied in the previous 2 EP releases.

Dead In The Dirt – “The Blind Hole” is truly one of those records that made 2013 special and we’ll look back in a couple of years and reminisce how fucking killer it was and still is. Absolute fucking ace release!

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