Ray from ThisIsNotAScene got the chance to catch up with Centiment‘s Dave McPherson for a quick chat. They talked about the band, the album “Streets Of Rage,” tour plans and much, much more…

Can you shed some light on Centiment’s origins?

It’s quite a long story actually! Centiment actually existed before my other band was even called InMe! It was formed by my brother Greg with an old friend called Lewis. They’d record very rough demos with a really basic setup for fun. It then took on a number of different line-ups throughout the years including a brief stint with me on drums before the band went into hibernation. Greg redeveloped the sound of the band & gradually I became the vocalist. Long time member Neil rejoined & we got Gazz (InMe) on guitar as we all get along & he’s an amazing player. We found Mark (drummer) in Blockbuster! He’s a great drummer & a sweet guy.

“Streets Of Rage” tooks years in order to complete. What happened?

Busy adult lives really! We were never in any rush to complete the album really & for me personally I had commitments with InMe & my solo music to take care of first. There was a window to play with between other releases so we pulled our finger out & finally finished the record last year.

Can you take us through the writing and recording process of “Streets Of Rage”?

Centiment is essentially Greg‘s baby & he writes & records most of the music. All the music was written so I’d sit in a pub & listen through to the same song for hours whilst penning ideas, melodies & lyrics. It was quite spontaneous for me for the most part. Sometimes I’d write my parts a couple hours before tracking them! This was for practical reasons as I’m overly busy these days but also worked really nicely I think. rather than labouring over every detail it was a case of see what comes out naturally a lot of the time. Working with Mike Curtis (producer) helps a great deal too as we’ve worked together for years.

The lyrics contains all sorts of little nods to retro games. What makes retro games so appealing to you and the band in general?

Greg is probably the biggest gamer in the band, he doesn’t even get rid of early consoles etc! I guess for me there’s a big nostalgic nod to childhood & growing up. Me & Greg & all our old friends used to play games all the time together so there’s that plus the electronic side of the album is inspired in places by video game music. It was also a fresh angle for us to playfully geek out with. Video games are a huge part of the world these days.

Centiment has a very strong D.I.Y work ethic. What made you to do everything yourselves instead of going to traditional way via labels and stuff?

It just made sense to us. I’ve been with labels over the years & there are big advantages to that but it just felt right to try & do things on our own (aside from live bookings) as with social media & platforms like PledgeMusic etc you can release records yourself & not get in tonnes of debt seeing as we have no investments other than what we personally raise! If the album is a success it’ll be a nice feeling to know we achieved everything ourselves. Just us & those that support the music.

The album recordings are funded by crowd funding, something more and more bands turn to nowadays, albeit with various degrees of success. Do you think crowdfunding is the way forward for bands to get their music out on their own terms?

For me, definitely. I have seen artists not utilise it properly but I like to try my hardest to make sure the listener gets a lot ore than they would with a conventional purchase. I treat is a pre-order with tonnes of exclusive bonus content that they can have too if they choose.

What touring plans do you have in support of the new album?

We toured February to begin with & hopefully this will lead to loads more dates throughout 2014 & beyond!

What’s the latest on InMe and possible other projects you guys are working on?

InMe released an EP in May & we’ll be launching a Pledge campaign for it on March 1st hopefully! Then there are touring plans to come & maybe festival appearances too. I’ll then be launching my next solo album in September & hopefully releasing the album on my birthday on October 3rd so lots to get on with really!

2013 is pretty much a thing of the past, however which albums graced your ears last year and what do you find so appealing about those records?

Currently Protest the Hero‘s “Volition” as there is so much interesting stuff to chew on with that record. I loved Bring Me The Horizon‘s “Sempiternal”, the atmosphere & themes are intriguing. Kodaline‘s “In A Perfect World” because All I Want is the most powerful song I heard last year & Karnivool‘s “Asymmetry” because it’s Karnivool!

Finally, what has 2014 in store for you guys?

InMe, Centiment & solo touring, new music from all our various monikers & our first year as independent artists! Hopefully also a whole lotta fun.

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