Dave Evans - Nothing to ProveDave Evans isn’t quite the household name of his original bandmates in AC/DC, but he deserves your respect for continually slogging it out making music, “Nothing To Prove” being his latest EP, released through Rocksector Records.

Opening track ‘Put Up or Shut Up’, oozes blues based classic rock and sounds like what could happen if Slash had a writing session with Black Stone Cherry, with its’ big chest beating chugging sections and rifftastic parts, not to mention some excellent lead work from guitarist Chris Appleton (Absolva). It’s definitely a track that you could imagine going down well at a festival in the sunshine or being used as your personal soundtrack as you navigate a motorway.

‘I Believe’, however, undoes some of this good work by being really quite cheesy, the big hook being “I believe in rock & roll music/I believe in a rock & roll world”, which is the sort of chorus most acts have grown out of writing now. Admittedly, this is my first listen to Mr Evans, so perhaps this is his style and what has won him the legion of fans, but personally I found it to be quite the come down from the first track.

‘Reach for the Sky’ then, is a better track, with a good pace on it and more excellent guitar work from Appleton and is somewhat reminiscent of Whitesnake, just sung in a lower octave. Whatever this recording may lack in originality – particularly in terms of the rhythm section – it makes up for in the feeling that this is 4 guys who genuinely love what they do.

The EP closes then with a cover of a blues song so old Dio probably wouldn’t even remember called ‘Baby Please Don’t Go’, which I am led to believe is quite a staple of Dave’s live show. Having never heard the original I can’t comment too much on this recording of it, but it certainly fits well with the rest of the material and I can imagine probably works well as a song to “introduce the band members to”.

I don’t hate this EP and if the band was playing a festival I was at during a period there wasn’t much on, I would definitely check them out. However, it didn’t win me over enough to want to check the listings to catch a headlining show somewhere.

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