Danny Bryant - Temperature RisingAs a musical form, the blues has been around for a long time. It’s a genre that, done properly, is always exciting and fresh in spite of its familiarity. In many ways it’s an inheritance, something to be passed down through the generations. Each generation will discover something new in its notes and create its own heroes: musicians who continue to find within it new forms of expression. Step forward Danny Bryant, a man who very much deserves to assume the mantle of blues hero.

Danny Bryant has been on the scene for over a decade, playing more than 2,000 shows while learning his craft and honing his musical skills. He manages to wring more emotion from one note than many lesser guitarists could manage in a lifetime. If you look at the photos on his website, the look on his face is exactly how he sounds on record. The best guitarists have an uncanny knack of making the instrument sound almost human: think of David Gilmour on ‘Comfortably Numb’, Gary Moore on ‘The Loner’ and B.B. King on, well, pretty much everything. It’s something that Danny Bryant can also do, his signature model Fret King positively crying out with the blues.

“Temperature Rising” showcases Bryant’s considerable talents through nine songs imbued with passion by a man clearly in love with the blues. He’s got a gutsy, soulful voice that’s the perfect complement to the guitar playing. He’s a man who isn’t holding back when he performs.

The album has 12 bar boogie, ballads and good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll. ‘Take Me Higher’ has a stomping riff that pounds along, underpinned by slide guitar and that great voice. Ballads like ‘Together Through Life’ and ‘Time’ lighten things a little, though there’s no let-up in the passion and commitment on display. ‘Nothing At All’ is your new favourite driving song: after a hard day at the office just turn it up loud and be careful not to get too carried away… Closing song ‘Guntown’ is an atmospheric piece that features some of the album’s best guitar work as Bryant really lets rip.

If you haven’t heard Danny Bryant before (and I admit that I hadn’t) you’re in for a treat. If ever you needed reminding why you fell in love with blues based guitar music, then this album is the place to start, as one of it’s foremost exponents shows you just how good music can be.

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