Damnation Festival 2014This years Eyesore Merch stage offers something very different to each of the other stages, with an emphasis on progressive and more experimental bands rather than all out brutality. Opening with Bast (1:30 – 2:00pm), who seem to be appearing on a hell of a lot of tours and festival bills recently and this shows that the hard working doom three piece from London should be a fine start to the day on the Eyesore stage, huge riffs and a lot for the following bands to live up to, especially as they offer something very different from the later bands on the bill.

Obsidian Kingdom (2:30 – 3:00pm) could be one of the more interesting sets from this year’s festival. Using very contrasting styles of music to convey their eerie and solemn message. With noise ranging from minimal haunting soundscapes through to full on violence, it is a case of expect the unexpected, could easily be one of the highlights of the day

Falloch (3:35 – 4:15pm) offer a progressive and hypnotic sound inspired by the atmosphere that they are surrounded by in the Scottish Highlands. It should offer some respite from the chaos going on over at the other stages, and with Fen coming up later on this same stage, should serve as a sin of things to come during the day.

Anglo / Norwegian black metallers <code> (4:55 – 5:40pm) have come through a lot of line up changes recently and have recently written what is said to be their most focused and challenging material yet. I must admit I haven’t had too much of a chance to listen to a lot of these but everything I have read seems to point to good set

Psychedelic opium infused black metal is the order of the day from Victorian obsessed A Forest Of Stars (6:30 – 7:20pm), appearing in their hometown at this years festival. The seven piece add folk and new age elements to balance out the more extreme end of their musical spectrum. An intriguing prospect of themes and complex material, which they are more than capable of reproducing onstage, one of the main bands I am looking forward to catching.

Taking time off from writing their new album (which is slated for a summer 2015 release), Wodensthrone (8:10 – 9:10pm) bring some Viking themed heathen black metal to Damnation. After a few line up changes early on in their career, the band now have their most settled line up and are seemingly going from strength to strength.

After previously appearing in 2012, black metallers Fen (10:25 – 11:35pm) return to headline the Eyesore Merch stage, and will again be aiming to “draw the listener into a windswept and desolate landscape, bereft of hope”. The band have a brand new album out, with early preview ‘Menhir – Supplicant’ garnering some great reviews from around the Internet. This set will be a chance to hear more of their new material as well as others from their impressive back catalogue.

Tickets are still available for this year’s festival and are available from here.

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