crowbar - symmetry in blackThe departure of Kirk Windstein from Down to concentrate on Crowbar again caused quite a stir in the metal community. His own band had its fair share of turbulence and misfortune and it never really managed to break into the metal mainstream like Down managed to do in the last couple of years. However, Kirk’s motivations may become a lot clearer after listening to “Symmetry In Black”, Crowbar’s latest musical offering..’

On “Symmetry In Black” the band sounds inspired and rejuvenated again. Literally every track on this album is spot on. The party starts with the thunderous ‘Walk With Knowledge Wisely’ and ‘Symmetry In White’. Both tracks are classic Crowbar and they’re built around megalithic riffs and monstrous grooves as only Kirk Windstein and Co can provide. When the master himself starts with his trademark anguish croon you simply know the band is back with a vengeance. This goes for songs like ‘The Taste Of Dying’, ‘Teach The Blind To See’ and ‘A Wealth Of Empathy’ too.

However, the band isn’t afraid to add some new ingredients to the familiar recipe as well. ‘Amaranthine’ for example, is an acoustic track with some light psychedelic undertones and on ‘Ageless Decay’ and ‘Symbolic Suicide’ Windstein and Co show their appreciation for their Punk/Hardcore roots and speed/thrash metal. All served with the patented Crowbar groove of course. The aforementioned tracks bring a lot of diversity to the album and it provides a clear indication of the band’s newfound confidence in their collective abilities.

“Symmetry In Black” by Crowbar gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “all killer and no filler”. Hopefully this album will bring Kirk Windstein the esteem and recognition they so rightfully deserve. It seems Mr. Windstein was right on the money by leaving his brethren in Down and release this musical behemoth upon the world…

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