Donington Park is sacred ground and being one of the first bands on the main stage of the opening day of the Download Festival is a pretty big deal for any band and an opportunity that shouldn’t be squandered. Luckily, Crossfaith are the second band on the main stage and the first band I will witness this weekend, and they happen to be fucking unbelievable.

A lot of hype has been surrounding Crossfaith for the last year and I’ve been hearing whispers and rumours about what a hell of a live band they are, and I must say that I am firmly in the camp of team Crossfaith after today’s performance.

The band use the entire stage to their advantage, including their keyboard player who seems to be more concerned with jumping around like a toddler jacked up on Ritalin and Red Bull more than tickling the ivories, it would seem. It gets to the point where even the drummer gets out from behind the kit and decides to run around the stage for a bit as well, and even though the band ends their set by trying the old ‘everybody sit down and then jump up on command’ schtick made famous by Slipknot, you cannot deny the sheer tightness and utterly chaotic display on hand from one of rocks most exciting new bands. Believe the hype people, it’s all real.

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Photo credit: Derek Bremner