Crobot - Something SupernaturalThere is no doubting Pottsville, Pennsylvania’s Crobot’s work ethic. They have been touring extensively since their emergence with the likes of Clutch, The Sword and have been added to the Volbeat and Anthrax North American tour in 2015. This is their debut album and it features all four tracks from their first EP and is also again produced by Machine (Clutch, Lamb of God). Right from the off this feels like all of the hallmarks of a traditional sounding debut album, it kicks and punches its way into existence with the very strong message of we can rock! The production by Machine is crisp and sharp. And boy, do they try to rock.

Their self- styled music is dirty groove rock but they can also kick like a mule in classic Rage Against the Machine fashion. However, Crobot are more interested in Science Fiction subject matters than about putting the world to rights.

The vocals of Brandon Yeagley hits many varied vocal scales and the choruses are generally greeted with hitting the high notes. Of course, Bruce Dickinson era Iron Maiden benefited greatly with hit single success using the going up the scale vocals for big catchy sing alongs. His vocal style reminds me at times of Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge but Crobot’s advantage is their ability to write stronger songs. What is certain is Brandon’s vocals dominates the entire proceedings and your response to the band may well depend on your take on the constant high notes.

They demonstrate their knack to write with the opener ‘The Legend of the Spacebourne killer’, ‘La Mano De Lucifer’, and ‘Cloud Spiller’, especially grabs your attention in showcasing their talents. Also they hit the spot when they are at their funkiest with ‘Chucapabra’, and ‘Necromancer’ has added harmonica to go with its rock groove.

There are also times when some of the songs don’t quite hit the standard of those aforementioned songs like ‘Night of the sacrifice’, and ‘Fly on the wall’ which fails to build on its good opening riff, so reduces the impact of the album they clearly wanted to create.

The band is tight clearly aided by their constant touring and have made their statement of intent for all to hear. I found by the end of the album the high-pitched vocals a source of irritation even though Brandon can clearly sing loudly. This says more about my personal taste than anything else and so found each song stands on there own better. But for all my misgivings, if lady luck smiles on them on their journey, they have a bright future.

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