Cripple Bastards - Nero in MetastasiI love grindcore and I was very fortunate to travel to the Czech republic last year for Obscene Extreme Festival in Trutnov. The year of 2013 was filled with incredible grindcore releases; however, this year has not seen any full on grindcore releases, well that’s until recently. Legendary Italian grinders Cripple Bastards recently released their 8th full-length record titled Nero in Metastasi via Relapse records. Having been around since 1988 with eight records in their arsenal and give no signs of letting up.

This new record is certainly a statement of intent from the Italian grindcore masters. It’s fast, its relentless and as always it’s fucking filthy. It’s basically just barrage upon of barrage of blast beats, with some of the fastest riffs and most hateful vocals I’ve heard in a long time. This being said, it isn’t just a perpetual noise assault, well, it kind of is, however, there are definitely some excellent changes in tempo. It gets to a point where you think, okay cool; surely they can’t go faster than this? You’d be very wrong making such a foolish assumption. It just gets faster and fast, with the unexpected changes in tempo or dare I say, breakdown? Yeah you could call it that.

Sure, the vocals are all in Italian, but fuck me, it slays so fucking hard. The changes in vocals style means that it doesn’t have the mundaneness of some grindcore releases where it’s one speed and fuck you. There is definitely some sort of structure amongst all the chaos, which makes for interesting listening throughout the entirety of the record. The riff work is absolutely phenomenal on this record, and for those of you familiar with a lot of grindcore releases, it’s quite easy to lose track of the guitar riffs within the musical destruction of this genere of music. The record also shows signs of progression within their music as a whole, especially the ‘Splendore E Tenebra’ track.

Bottom line, Cripple Bastards  “Nero in Metastasi” has it all and it’s full on music obliteration as it eviscerates any sort of misconceptions of rhythm or beat you might have in your body. This is war on music and Cripple Bastards are the undisputed masters of destruction. An absolutely fantastic release and sets the bar quite high for any other grindcore release this year.

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