Conan - Blood EagleAre you a fan of having control of your bowls? Well, you won’t have that pleasure for much longer when the new Conan album gets a hold of you. To say that “Blood Eagle” is punishing is an insult to the sheer visceral bombardment of heaviness and sludge that is coming your way.

“Blood Eagle” is everything you would want from a band like Conan, the riffs have an ethereal quality to them as they swell and swell into a monolithic mass of bleakness which adds up to making the record the Liverpool three piece’s most punishing work to date.

The albums first track ‘Crown of Talons’ is a ten minute doom epic, mostly comprised of only a few riffs that build and build as the track progresses mixed with a stunning back beat from drummer Paul O’Neil. As the tracks trudges along with the weight of a thousand African elephants a twisted and errrie atmosphere swarms over the track, causing even the most alert person in the world to be overcome by the sonic urge to space out.

The next two tracks ‘Total Conquest’ and the first song released from the album ‘Foehammer’ being the closest the band will ever come to any form of accessibility. Don’t get me wrong, it sounds like the sky is falling down on you but particularly ‘Foehammer’ has a serious amount of groove to it, some even falling into the same territory of fellow doom heavyweights Church Of Misery. The use of double kick drums as well add a much needed change in tempo, with the track falling what maybe the bands first foray into mid pace.

If you’re a fan of all things crushing, especially if you have a thing for tone and drone all over your riffs then “Blood Eagle” will be right up your street. It’s Conan doing what you expect Conan to do. If you don’t like punishing riffs or the feeling of your face being slowly chiselled off with a sledgehammer then this might not be the one for you. However, if you are in the market for some pummelling Scouse doom then you could do a lot worse than “Blood Eagle”.

Conan tour the UK in March:

March 14th – Nottingham, Stuck on a Name Studios
March 15th – Bournemouth, The Anvil
March 16th – Birmingham, The Asylum 2
March 17th – Glasgow, Audio
March 18th – Aberdeen, Downstairs
March 19th – Manchester, Kraak Gallery
March 20th – Cardiff, The Full Moon
March 21st – Brighton, The Prince Albert
March 22nd – London, Electrowerkz

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