Collision / The Rotted - SplitThis short, sharp shock of a single was over before I had a chance to really take it in on the first listen (granted the morning journey to work may not have been the best time such a harsh release). Two bands, three songs, six minutes from both ends of the grind spectrum.

First up are Dutch grinders Collision, whose two tracks (the excellently titled ‘A Healthy Dose Of Radiation’ and ‘Satanic Surgery’) sound predominantly punk, and have an old school sound. A raw production and dual vocalists add more power to an already uncompromising sound. The band have a long history and on these two songs, I shall definitely be looking for more of their material.

Next up is The Rotted from the UK. Restyled as death metal punk since the disbanding of Gorerotted, the band have now got a solid back catalogue of albums and and have a knack of creating brutal, but catchy grind coming from a more of the metal stance. This is perhaps more mid tempo than a lot of their recordings but the main riff and repeated refrain will stick in your head for days after just one listen.

It’s difficult to go into too much detail with only six minutes of music to go through, but three good tunes from two top bands. Well worth getting if you like your music loud, fast and angry. You can’t really go wrong at six minutes either, it’s not as if you are going to get bored of it.

Collision – Facebook Page

The Rotted – Facebook Page