Code Orange - I Am King2014 hasn’t been a bad year for Deathwish Inc. From the superb Cult Leader (formally Gaza) record “Nothing For Us Here” and the breath-taking debut album “When Life Comes To Death” from Young And In The Way, the label has been a pioneer in all things crushing, vicious and most importantly savage music making its way out of the heavy music world.

The latest addition to Deathwish’s 2014 arsenal of hatred is Pennsylvania’s own Code Orange (formally Code Orange Kids), having ditched the kids the band have launched their first album under the new alias “I Am King”. The record could be said to be a mature sound for the band but what it really sounds like is being grabbed by the throat , pinned against the wall whilst the band scream in your petrified face.

To say the album sounds sonically heavy and intense is doing it a disservice, it sounds like you are in the middle of an earthquake as the world begins to crumble around you. Helped obviously by the stunning razor sharp as always production from Kurt Ballou which only raises the already mountainous amounts of sludge, bile and aggression this album oozes from every pore.

The album is aggressive enough to keep the diehard Deathwish fans happy with its rapid fire drums and riffs as well as the rumbling bassline that ties the whole album together when it strips down to a frantic form of hardcore. Where the album really excels, however, is the post-rock soundscapes that make the album float like a vivid nightmare, these dense, almost Neurosis, moments flow throughout the album and make the most impact, making it almost impossible not space out.

Flowing like a river of lava, destroying all within its path, “I Am King” is a truly brilliant piece of work for fans of Neurosis, Converge, Cult Leader and pretty much everything else Deathwish are releasing at the moment. The heavy, dark walls of sound constructed by the album are truly breath taking at moments allowing the listener to become completely immersed in the twisted nightmare created.

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