Chuck Ragan - Till MidnightAs singer songwriter combos go in the world of punk there aren’t many better than Chuck Ragan. The frontman of punk rockers Hot Water Music has proven time and time again that in the world of punk there aren’t many better scribes out there and on his new solo album “Till Midnight” Chuck once again shows off his lyrical edge.

Unlike his work with Hot Water Music, “Till Midnight”, the singers fifth solo album highlights the singers gentler side. Refraining from the usual crashing of cymbals and frenetic guitar riffs that usually accompanies a Hot Water Music album, instead focusing on folk elements more reminiscent to Bruce Springsteen‘s later work on albums like “Working On A Dream” and “High Hopes”.

In truth, this is the most Springsteen that Ragan’s vocals have sounded in years. His trademark swagger is still in play and stands out amongst the mix of fiddles and steel guitars but there is certainly a level of earnest maturity that seems to be clearly inspired by The Boss.

“Till Midnight” manages to be what many good solo albums strive to be, keeping the things you would want from the artists main band, in this case Ragan‘s vocals and effortlessly poetic lyrics but also add something different to make it unique. The album is certainly more Frank Turner than the typical Gaslight Anthem sounding material but the music is carried with ease by Chuck Ragan’s charm and charisma which drips from every pour of the record.

Overall, “Till Midnight” supplies fans of Ragan‘s work with exactly what they will be looking for. Its easy listening chilled out vibes make it a great album to kick back and relax to this summer.

“Till Midnight” Tracklist:
1. Something May Catch Fire
2. Vagabond
3. Non Typical
4. Revved
5. Bedroll Lullaby
6. Gave My Heart Out
7. Wake With You
8. You And I Alone
9. Whistleblowers Song
10. For All We Care

Chuck Ragan UK tour dates:
Tues 27th May – Nottingham, Rock City
Wed 28th May – Bristol, Thekla
Thurs 29th May – London, Garage
Tues 24th June – Brighton, The Haunt
Weds 25th June – Manchester, Gorilla
Thurs 26th June – Leeds, Brudenell

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