Chthonic - Ián-Bú (Live DVD)With the release of “Takasago Army” (2011) and “Bu-Tik” (2013) and the subsequent tours in support of those albums Taiwanese metal act Chthonic managed to build up quite a following outside of their native country. The band already has one live DVD under their belt, but with all the touring for their latest record in mind it was apparently feasible to record yet another live document. This time around the band is filmed while playing at a metal festival in Taiwan’s capital Taipei…

With all the touring lately Chthonic has established itself as quite the live act and that really shows on “Ián-Bú”. Everything oozes a true sense of professionalism, ranging from the back drop, to the band costumes and ultimately to the performance itself. The band is in form with singer Freddy Lim being the ringleader with occasional support from bassist Doris Yeh and guitarist Jesse Liu. Lim really knows how to work a crowd which translates in feverish headbanging, slampits and all the rowdy things you’ll encounter at your average metal show.

The main focus of the show is squarely on the two most recent albums with little or no room for the band’s older material from “Relentless Recurrence” (2002), “Seediq Bale” (2005) or “Mirror Of Retribution (2009)”. However, this is magnificently compensated with furious renditions of ‘Southern Cross’, ‘Takao’, ‘Broken Jade’, ‘Supreme Pain For The Tyrant’ and ‘Defenders Of Bu-Tik Palace’. Another nice feature is the addition of a traditional Taiwanese string quartet and vocalist Meiyun Tang singing her parts on the aforementioned ‘Defenders Of Bu-Tik Palace’.

The whole performance is professionally captured on film and the audio is nicely done. However, for a main feature a performance of just around 40 minutes is simply too short. That’s pretty much the only main flaw of this otherwise fine DVD release. Hopefully the bonus features will make up for that. “Ián-Bú” is a nice trinket, but “Final Battle At Sing Ling Temple” remains the ultimate Chthonic live experience.

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